Monthly Archives: January 2021

New House with a Broken HVAC

When I moved into my new home a couple of months ago, I had to get an HVAC repair in NYC because the HVAC system stopped working only a couple of weeks after moving in. This was during the middle of summer, so it was hot while I was looking for a company to fix the system. For a while, I thought the person who sold me the house knew about the HVAC system having problems and just didn’t want to say anything about it so that he could sell the house immediately.

Finding a company to fix the system wasn’t much of a problem and I was able to do it in less than an hour. I took a bit of time to look at as many company reviews that I could find and make sure that the companies had a lot of positive feedback. Some did, and and some didn’t, and I just went with the one that had the best reviews. Some of these people even mentioned the kind of HVAC system they had, what was wrong with it, what parts were needed to fix it, and how much the total cost of repairs and the repair time were.

The repair for the HVAC was done in 30 minutes, because it just needed a new fan and a new capacitor. I thought it would have needed some more coolant, or maybe something more expensive, but it was just those two simple things. The price was really reasonable for the repairs. Since that repair job, I’ve been able to run the system with both cool air and warm air. I think the system has a few more years of life left in it before it will have to be replaced for something newer, but it should be fine until then.