Finding My Happy Place at Home

When I was renovating my home the one thing I wanted to do was revitalize my old tired bathroom. The hardest part was finding shower doors near me that were the design I wanted, for a good price. I shopped around quite a bit and finally found some lovely matte black metal doors with clear glass that fit my vision. I wanted my bathroom to be somewhat like an at home spa so I also put in a huge soaking tub.

I changed the tiles a semi-gloss off white subway tile for inside the shower and did this beautiful, deep, teal green on the walls and then painted them with stars so it looked like the night sky. I got the inspiration for the walls from a Tiktok video and it looks even better in person.

Next, I replaced the sink with a large vanity that could hold all of the beauty products I use regularly as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste. It’s a gorgeous grey marble with streaks of black and gold through it.

Finally, I worked on the tiles on the floor. It was tough to decide what I wanted but I ended up choosing these tiny hexagonal tiles I’ve seen in several other renovations on Pinterest and Tiktok. They’re about the size of a quarter and vary in colors between white and grey. I put them out in a pattern that resembles flowers and I think the finished product is really nice.

Now when I enter my bathroom it’s a tranquil place for me to soak in my luxurious tub and forget about the stresses of the day. I never knew how much of an effect something as small as a bathroom could have on my moods but it has made quite the difference and I’d recommend a refresh or renovation to anyone.