My Hot Water Tank Completely Failed

When I went to shower, the water would not heat up. I have never taken a cold shower before, but I figured it would have to do since I had to go to work. It was the most miserable experience ever! I knew that I was going to have to find an emergency plumber in Essex County NJ because I was not going to take another cold shower. I had to go to work until six that evening, and I needed my hot water fixed before I left again the following morning at seven.

I called the plumber I had used a few years ago to help with an issue but he was not able to come out for a few weeks. I needed someone a whole lot sooner because I was going to have to rent a hotel room otherwise. I did an online search for emergency plumbers in my area, and I contacted the one that had a lot of positive reviews. I did not know any other way to choose one, but it seemed like a decent way to me anyway. I can understand why this plumbing company had so many great reviews because they told me they could come out when I got home from work that evening.

The plumber did a quick check of the water heater. The news was not good. It had failed, and in a big way too. There was no fixing it, so I needed a new water heater. I had to use my credit card to get one, but he was able to install it that same night. I had hot water again before I went to bed that night, and that is something that I hope I never take for granted again. I also know who will be my go-to plumber for any plumbing needs in the future!