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Types Of Orchids For Collections And Gardening

Besides roses, there are some beautiful ornamental plants for gardening. One of these flowers is the orchid flower. Most of the orchid types are beautiful and use as ornamental plants. If you love gardening in your home, then you can add orchids as one of your plant collections. There are many types of orchids in the world, and I will explain some of them here.

  1. Orchids based on the growth place.
    In this category, there are some orchids, which are specifically living in certain places. Some of them are: Soil orchids: This orchid life and grows on the ground. Some of them are: renanthera, rynchostylis, vanda sp and aerides Epiphytic orchids: This type grows by riding other stems or plants, for example: phalaenopsis sp and dendrobium sp. Saprofit orchids: These flowers grow easily as long as you have good fertile grounds containing compost or organic fertilizer in your garden. Some of them are calanthe and goodyera sp. Litofit orchids: This is a unique type of orchid, because it grows on the rocks, for example, cytopdium and paphiopedilum.
  2. Orchids based on the growing of flowers.
    Some types of orchids have unique and different ways to grow their flowers. This can be classified into one of their categories in the world. Some of them are: Krante orchids: This type will grow the flower stalk from the rod tip, for example, epidendrum and arundia. Pleuranie orchids: it will grow the flower stalk from the side rod; some of them are vanda and arachnis.
  3. Orchids based on stem growth.
    If you ever go to the orchids garden, maybe you have seen some orchids with tall stem. If you have, then this type is including in the third category. Monopodial: As I explain above, this type will grow their stem upward as tall as possible. Some of them are renanthera, arachnis and rynchostylis. Simpodial: This type only can grow their stem limitedly at certain sizes, for example, oncidium, cattleya and cymbidium.
  4. Orchids based on places to grow perfectly.
    Several orchids need special places for their growth phase. Some of them need high places with fertile soil but the others only need medium or just low ground to blossom perfectly. For more detail, I will explain below: Orchids that grow on 0 up to 500m above the sea are perfect for endrobium and arachnis. For phalaenopsis, dendrobium and oncidium are suitable to be planted at 600 up to 700m. The last one is orchids that need to be planted in the high area or above 700m. Some flowers of this type are cymbidium, cattleya and phaleonopsis. So, these are some of orchids categories that usually choose as ornamental flowers in the garden. You should choose one of these flowers based on your area, so you can get beautiful flowers in the blossom season.